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The term "confidential or proprietary information or material" means all information or material that is not in the public domain and that is disclosed or otherwise made available by the Company; or that comes to the attention of the Company in the course of his/her employment or contract with the Company, or in the course of his/her discussions with the Company for such employment or contract; or in the course of such discussions; and specifically includes, but is not limited to, information or material concerning: The nature of discussions or other communications between he/she and the Company with regard to an employment or contract arrangement; and The Company's organization; finances, financial structure, and financial condition; assets and liabilities; directors, officers, and employees; and stockholders, investors, financial backers, creditors, supporters, advisors, consultants, associates, contractors, agents, and representatives; and The Company's operations, interests, and plans (including, among other matters, information material concerning business practices and procedures, competitive position; trade secrets, product concepts, designs, blueprints, plots, and drawings; research and test results; practical and theoretical knowledge and techniques; production capacity and equipment; product development plans; technical, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and pricing approaches; material sources and costs: land acquisition and development plans and costs, building acquisition and renovation plans and costs, and resale or other disposition plans and prices; financing plans, arrangements, and activities; and customers and clients); and The Company's ability to provide protection, or its efforts to provide protection, against unlawful activities directed against the Company's assets or against its directors, officers, or employees.

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